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The Use & Abuse of Maqaasid Ash-Shariah - Entire Series PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 24 July 2008 04:54

Sh. Haitham Al-Haddad

This is a five part series that explores the way the word and meaning of Sharia has been abused and misused by individuals. In recent times this has become an even more pressing subject, with the launch of many organisations who wish to change Islam to their suit their own agendas (as opposed to the submission to Allah (swt)). Reading their writings and speeches, their cavalier approach to Maqaasid Ash-Shariah (the aims and objectives of Divine Law) features prominently in their attempts to justify their subversion of Islam. This series is REQUIRED veiwing!!

The series was filmed at the Al-Ansar Islamic Education Centre and consists of five episodes.  The entire series is presented below. 

Biography of Shaykh Haitham Al-Haddad:  Shaykh Haitham al-Haddad was born in Saudi Arabia and studied for 12 years with various scholars in Saudi Arabia including Shaykh Abdul Aziz bin Baz and Shaykh Abdullah bin Jibreen. He has an ijaza from Shaykh Abdullah bin Aqeel including Islamic jurisprudence and principles of Islamic jurisprudence.  He holds a BSc Honours in Law and Shari'ah from Omdurman University in Khartoum, Sudan. He also holds a Bsc in Computer Science.

Shaykh Haitham sits on the board of advisors of a number of key Islamic organisations in the United Kingdom, including the Islamic Sharia Council of britain.  Shaykh Haitham al-Haddads speciality is in principles of Islamic jurisprudence, Islamic law and Islamic finance.

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