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Wednesday, 23 July 2008 05:29

'You are all brothers unto one another. No stranger exists in this community. So greet each other. Spread greetings to whoever you meet, because whoever you meet, is, from this day onwards, a brother of yours. He is no stranger, because Madinah is now the city of one extended family of believers in Allah and His Messenger, and assuredly believers are brethren unto each other.'

This statement was made by the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on reaching Madinah. It was one of his first decrees. Al-Ansar would like to encourage a community based on these words of the Prophet and therefore create a true Islamic Society. With this in mind, we have formed a committee, consisting of brothers and sisters from different nationalities whose aims are to unify and progress.

One of the main problems faced by fellow Muslims so far, is the emergence of a nationalistic type of Islam. Oppression is rampant amongst certain sections that would like to see a purely territorial religion being practiced. Against this background Al-Ansar would like to educate the community about the merciful nature of Islam and pave the way towards a better understanding within the various groups.

We are in the process of opening an educational center/mosque. From this base all efforts will be made to bring the word of Islam to non-Muslims as well as Muslims. Efforts will be focused on women within the community, to create a healthier environment. Since the majority of mosques in Britain refuse entrance to women, they have become lethargic in their deen. Muslim women need to play a significant role within our society and distinguish themselves.

We are a voluntary organization and rely purely on your donations. At the moment we urgently require funds to establish the Centre. Self- sacrifice and sadaqah are the highest of virtues, with this in mind; all donations will be highly appreciated. May Allah (swt) reward you for your commitment.


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